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Radio Broadcast Technical Consulting and Sales
10032 Island Drive, Brainerd, MN  56401

New and Custom-Built Equipment:


Max-Z Remote Broadcast Telephone

Max-ZII Remote Broadcast Telephone

ZH-2 Telephone Hybrid




Gain Box (audio and DC amplifier)

Patch Switch (push-button audio selector switch)

DA-8S Audio Distribution Amplifier






Hooker Audio Pad






Audio Interface for Digital/IP Telephones
Composite Audio Switcher
EAS Standard Interface Panel
EAS Deluxe Interface Panel
EAS Slim Interface Panel
RF Filter for Audio
3 in/1 out Stereo Switcher
6 in/3 out Stereo Switcher
Relay Box 
Switchers for Stereo and Composite Audio 
AM Loop Receiving Antenna New 01/06/2014
AM Transmit Filter
AM RF Switch
Antenna Splitter/Stacking Harness
Diversity Antenna Switch
N or BNC RF Switch
BNC to BNC Jumper Cables
N to N Jumper Cables
Stub Protector for FM Exciters and Transmitters
VSWR Calibrator for Broadcast Engineers
New Switches for a Continental FM Transmitter New 03/26/2013
Metering Adjust for Gentner
Raise/Lower Tuning Motor
Relay Interface for CCA Transmitters
Power Cord for Harris MS-15 & MX-15 FM Exciters
Book by Charles B. Persons

Most equipment is shipped via United Parcel Service.  


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