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Radio Systems from M. W. Persons

DI-2000 Telephone Interface

This telephone hybrid is fast becoming a favorite in radio stations.  It is an ideal interface between one or two telephone lines and the on-air audio console.  The DI-2000 is a digital hybrid so it has a near perfect null for the best possible air sound.  Used on the WJJY studio project  

The DI-2000 features extensive and automated audio routing and remote control. Just wire these rear panel connections to your phone line and console, and call management is fully handled, with no external switching, extra amplifiers or black-boxes required. The multiple outputs to the studio include caller cue on answer (usable as line level input or direct speaker drive), main output, and a mixed caller/host output for recording. DIP switches program whether the unit operates in a conference or dual line mode, and how the audio mix is shared between callers. The unit accepts a mix-minus input from the console if one is available but does not require one to create an excellent caller to host null. The remote connector interfaces console automated answer functions and supports an external remote control panel.

Connect the DI-2000 to any POTS telephone circuits. A-lead is also available from the remote control connector for older key style systems.

The price is right....the DI-2000 Digital Telephone Hybrid is $995.00

        We are proud to be a dealer for Radio Systems.  

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