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Technical Tips from Mark W. Persons
Ideas that might help you at a Radio Station

Many of the ideas listed here were pioneered and tested in this facility by Mark Persons of M. W. Persons and Associates, Inc. 
The business closed on December 31st, 2017, but is not forgotten for contributions to the radio broadcast industry.
Here are some of the stories to help you succeed:

AM Tips:
AM RF Harmonic Trap

AM RF Arc Gap 
AM RF Junction Box with Arc Gap
AM Coil Cleaning
AM Field Intensity Meter Repair   
BE AM5E Cooling Fan Modification 
Collins AM RF Switch Repaired and Improved 
Collins/Continental 315R-1 5 KW Power Rock Transmitter
Dummy load modifications to make it safe 

Dayton Industrial AF315 Receiver Modifications
Harris MW-1 PA Module Repair 
LPB 20 Watt AM Transmitter

Metal Box for AM Tuning Components
Nautel ND1 Front Door Brace
Nautel J1000 Air Filter Cleaning
RCA AM Oscillator Frequency Change
RF Mixing Products on AM and FM

Tower Welding
Variable Coil Repair

Studio Tips:

Gates Diplomat and Executive Audio Consoles
Grounding for an Arrakis 1200-10S Console
Grounding for an Arrakis 2000SCT-12S Console
Stanton C.500 CD Player Remote Control
Harris Stereo-5 Audio Console upgrade
Marti RPU Receiver Relay Modification
Power fuse fix for Radio Systems Audio Consoles
Equipment Rack Grounding

Transmitter Building Tips:
Gate Lock Weather Covering
Transmitter Site Cooling Fan Setup
Transmitter Site Building Air Filters

Miscellaneous Tips:

Audio Processing Repair
Cutting Stainless Steel 
Frequency Measuring
Hall Of Shame
Integrated Circuit Adapter
New Old Stock Tube Conditioning Treatment 
RF Radiation Measurements
Temporary 450 MHz RPU Antenna
Trouble in a 120 VAC Plug
Trouble in a 3-phase/240 VAC fused disconnect
Standards...How would we get along without them?
Maintenance list for backup power generators

FM Tips:
Antenna Troubleshooting
BE FM 25T FM Transmitter Repair
BE FM 35A FM Transmitter Repair
BE FX-30 Exciter Meter Replacement
BE FX-30 Exciter Repair
BE 250 Watt RF IPA/Driver Amplifier Repair 

CCA FM Exciter Modification for Frequency Agility 
Collins/Continental 2.5 KW FM Transmitter Repair
Collins/Continental 815A 5 KW FM Transmitter IPA 
Collins/Continental 20-25 KW FM Transmitter Updates
Collins/Continental AM and FM Pushbutton Switches
Collins/Continental FM Transmitter IPA Drive Belt
Continental 802A FM Exciter PA Module Repair 
Continental 802B FM Exciter PA Module Repair 
Continental 802A & B Power Regulator Upgrade 
Custom 100 Watt RF Amplifier   
Energy-Onix SST-30 FM Exciter Repair
FM Exciter Intermittently Jumps To A New Frequency 
FM Interference
Filament Voltage Control Extended Range 
Harris IPA Low-Pass Filter and Directional Coupler 
Harris 150 Watt RF Preamplifier Modification 
Harris 300 Watt RF IPA Amplifier Modification
Harris 700 Watt RF IPA Amplifier Modification 

Harris FM-20K Transmitter PA Door
Harris FM-20K Transmitter work
Harris HT-5 Filament Adjust Modification 
Harris FM-25K and 35K Repairs
Harris MS-15 and MX-15 FM Exciter Updates
Harris Z10 Rectifier Module Repair 
High-Voltage Transformer Repair
Harris THE-1 FM Exciter Repair
Low Pass Filter for FM Translator
Power Connector Block Problem 

QEI Quantum FM Exciter Modifications 
Stub Protector for FM Exciters and Transmitters

Spurious Radiation from an FM Transmitter
Silicon Valley 0101-700CH 700 Watt Amplifier Rework
Transmitter Power Output Chart
Tube Socket Repair

Studio-Transmitter-Link Tips:
Hum and Buzz in STL Receive Preamplifier 
Moseley PCL-606 STL Receiver Repair
Nicom STL Receiver Upgrade



The stories go on and on.  Stop in again sometime.  I'll leave the soldering iron on for you
Mark W. Persons, SBE 6931, CPBE, AMD, CBNT and ham W0MH

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